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Client Reviews

Mr. Rocker has been nothing short of extraordinary in handling my affairs and the affairs of my company. As having been caught up in the real estate bubble several years back, my company has had its share of turmoil. Mr. Rocker has been there and continues to be here every step of the way. In addition to company issues that stemmed from the "bubble" bursting, personal issues have come my way as well. Jeff has handled each case with the utmost attention to detail. He continues to carefully explain his thought process and strategy in dealing with each situation as if it and I were his only case. His very thorough analysis of cases have shed light to our benefit in more than one instance. He has a very hard to find ability to articulate extremely technical legal terms and statements into more common terms that a non-lawyer such as myself may understand and use to make informed decisions with his guidance. For me, Jeff posses a valuable attribute in his follow-ups. He ALWAYS gets back to me the same day or as close to it as possible. I can be somewhat of a high-maintenance client and you would never know it by the way Jeff and his entire team at Beck Rocker treat me. They're never snarky or sound as if they'd like to say, "it him again." In fact, the team at Beck Rocker sound delighted and very enthusiastic when I call or run by the office. In closing, I can't imagine having gone through the past eight years without Mr. Rocker as my counsel. I certainly don't plan on navigating the next eight years with any other attorney. If you are reading this and are in need of a mindful, trustworthy, distinguished, astute, loyal, dependable, and "leave no stone unturned" attorney, Mr. Jeffrey Rocker is the attorney you've been searching for!

Fred G.

Jeff Rocker and his team were great at helping me set up a complex estate planning strategy. Revocable trust fund, last will and some business ownership structures. He was crystal clear when explaining all the options as well as the pros and cons associated with them. He and his team were also very fast in setting this up - I was the bottleneck in getting all the information to them. Jeff was recommended to me by other Indiana lawyers that do their estate planning with Jeff Rocker.


Jeff was very helpful and knowledgeable helping me to understand the ins and outs of selling a business Jeff kept what could have been a stressful situation very manageable . I enjoyed working with him and will call on him again in the future.


Jeff is great for all our business needs. He is easy to get in contact with and always get back with you in a timely manner. Jeff is very fair with his charges ,If you have a question he does not always charge you .He takes very good care of us being the owner of 11 Burger Kings when I need a attorney I can call him any time. I am very happy to have Jeff on our side.

Terry P.

Jeff Rocker is a man of integrity and vision. He demonstrated both during my initial estate planning. I was under the gun to setup the process as quickly as possible and with some flexibility due to my then recent marital separation. He was thoughtful and kind in dealing with my desire to make my estate plan easy to revise had my now ex-husband made the decision to stay with our marriage. The plan he built is serving me well as a single person, as well as it would have had my marriage remained intact. This is exactly what I wanted from a lawyer, the ability to meet my current and foreseeable needs with style and grace. Jeff also was open to thinking innovatively about non-economic issues such as establishing a literary trust to manage my publications under U.S. Copyright laws that extend copyright well beyond the author's lifetime. Jeff has also helped my extended family deal with an oppressive situation with a family trust. With his help we were able to move to a more equitable management system that works for the primary beneficiaries. In short, I recommend Jeff Rocker without reservation, as I have done since my initial experience working with him.


Mr. Rocker has always provide expedient honest service. His staff is superb and efficient. I would feel comfortable in recommending Mr.Rocker to anyone for both personal and business matters.


Jeff Rocker has assisted my family on issues and I have had the pleasure to work with him through my company. He was extremely knowledgable in business law and explains it to his clients in easy to understand language. He has a solid reputation with the personnel in the courthouse and city hall. Not only does he have extensive knowledge in family and business law, but he has a "down to earth" personality that truly shines through. Often times people are afraid of attorneys or relunctant to seek advice from one, but Jeff Rocker makes you feel at ease the minute you meet him. He truly wants to help people and represent them in the best light he can. It was truly enjoyable each time I have worked with him on a project/issue and he presented the issue in a professional manner.


I will recommend this office to everyone! Jeff Rocker is fantastic at explaining options, answering questions, and working with different situations. Working with Carrie Nelson was personable, efficient, and helpful in scheduling around the different people involved.

Tiffany P.

Beck Rocker, LLC is an excellent group. I have many years of experience with them. They are extremely responsive to my needs in a timely manor. They are also extremely professional. This includes their entire support team at the office. I will continue to work with them in the future on both personal and business matters.

John W.

I was extremely satisfied with how this firm(Jeff) handled my business filing with a very difficult to please city council. Budget came in as discussed prior to taking our case. I am going to use this firm in the future as my corporate attorneys.

Herb C.

This firm has been terrific to work with. They provided phenomenal service and did a great job of communicating throughout the process. I highly recommend them!

Michelle M.

Jeff Rocker is a great attorney.

Alan L.

Expert legal representation for Adoption matters.

Johann R.

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