PERSONAL INJURY / WRONGFUL DEATH                                              
Our Promise To You:


We will never guarantee how a personal injury case will play out as the countless variables and uncertainties simply do not allow it – and you should run from any attorney who makes any such promises.  However, Eric will guarantee one of the most critical things he can control during your case – communication!  He will meet, speak and correspond with you directly from the beginning of the case to the end.  And he will keep you regularly updated as your case proceeds.  Eric will personally address any questions or concerns you may have as quickly as possible.  He has learned from his clients over the years that direct and regular communication with the attorney is one of the most sought after, yet rarely provided, services needed and wanted in personal injury cases. 


For most, a personal injury case is their first time dealing with the legal system and the process can be complex.  Eric promises to do everything in his power to keep you informed and at peace as your case unfolds. 


Cases We Handle:

Serious Injuries

Wrongful Death

Truck Accidents

Car Accidents

Brain Injuries

Burn Injuries


Bicycle Accidents

Playground Injuries

Motorcycle Accidents


Neck Injuries

Medical Malpractice

Industrial Accidents

Chemical Injuries

Inhalation Injuries

Back Injuries

Slip and Falls

Our Approach:


We take the time and care to understand the full impact of the injuries to you and your family – and then we go on the attack for you.  We know insurance companies and medical providers can be difficult to work with and the process can quickly become overwhelmingly, so we lift those burdens from you so that you can focus exclusively on your recovery.  At Beck Rocker & Habig, you and your family are at the center of what we do and we will never lose sight of that as we fight for you.



Truck Accident - $5,500,000

Truck Rollover - $2,300,000


Truck Offloading Accident - $1,750,000

Truck Accident - $1,500,000


Motorcycle Accident - $1,000,000


Chemical Exposure Accident - $937,500


Restrictive Covenant Case - $800,000


Car Accident - $587,500


Slip and Fall - $485,000


Car Accident - $225,000


Car Accident - $175,000

Playground Accident - $126,000


Bicycle Accident - $100,000

Attorney Referral Program:

We want to build a long and mutually beneficial referral relationship with our colleagues.  And we are quick to refer cases to our referral partners when the matter fits your expertise better than ours.  We pay fair referral and co-counsel fees per the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct and will stand by our agreements no matter how much work is involved in any given case.